Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

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In the first decades of the nineteenth century, the Montepulciano vines flourished in splendid isolation in the Peligna Valley, where it was able to innovate and evolve in ampelographical terms.

The presence of the Montepulciano grape in Abruzzo, therefore, goes back more than two centuries. Here, thanks to the unique microclimate of the region, it has found the best conditions to vegetate and produce wines of acclaimed value that are full, robust and, at the same time, elegant and fragrant.

It is a red grape variety, of average strength with medium-large five-lobed leaves; a medium compact cluster of grapes in a pyramidal-conical shape, often winged, slightly ovoid with a pruinose and consistent peel. It is a fairly late harvest variety, since the maturation usually occurs in the second half of October. In general, the Montepulciano grape gives the wine a ruby red color with purple hues and aromas of violet, cherry, black cherry, mixed berries, licorice and tobacco. It is good as a young vintage; it is well prepared for aging in a bottle.